Warranty Policy

Londonella Warranty Policy

About the warranty Policy (KSA):

  1. All products sold on Londonella.com have a 2-year warranty (Manufacturer’s guarantee). A twelve (12) month warranty will be provided for certain purchased products against defects that occur after purchase. A six (6) month warranty (maximum) will apply to selected refurbished products. The warranty is not applicable to cases other than defects in material, design and workmanship. Warranty obligations are limited to repair of defective product or replacement of the defective part, or replacement or refund according to paid/sold price of the product itself (such decision at Londonella’s discretion). Not all products are covered by the warranty, always check the product listing to know if it includes warranty benefits.
  2. The address provided during the Warranty claim request will be registered as the pick-up and delivery address for the claimed item. This cannot be modified.
  3. The original invoice is required to verify the serial number and validate the warranty period you can benefit from warranty services. If the device was delivered to you along with a warranty card, you must provide it in order to proceed with the claim.
  4. In cases where Londonella provides pick up and drop off (in Londonella’s serviceable areas) as an additional service (free of charge), the warranty repair period would be as follows -

Item picked to item delivered to service center

6 working days

Repair / servicing time for service center

14 working days

Post repair delivery from service center to customer

4 to 7 working days

  1. A repair or replacement under the terms of this warranty does not provide the right to an extension or renewal of the warranty period. Warranty terms are in accordance with your product’s manufacturer. In case there is a delay in sourcing the spare parts, the repair cycle or manufacturing defect, you will be entitled to a temporary product (or item price ÷ 400 x the delayed days of the device’s value)*.
  2. If your item cannot be repaired but is still under the manufacturer's warranty, you will be eligible for a replacement or a refund after deducting the usage value and missing accessories in the cases that are qualified under the rules and regulations of the Ministry of Commerce**.
  3. The lifecycle of devices may differ from one another and customers can review the device manual or contact the manufacturer for more details.
  4. Warranty does not cover the damage caused by accident, abuse, misuse, liquid contact, or other external cause.
  5. The customer shall ensure that the item is packed in its original box or wrapped safely to avoid any damage during transit. If the packaging is not done safely which leads to damage, Londonella will not be responsible for the same and the claimed item will be returned to the customer without servicing.

Delivery Service:

  1. The Delivery Service requires 4 to 7 working days. This time period is not counted within the repair period.
  2. Customers have the right to directly approach warranty service providers even if the Delivery Service is available for their products and Londonella.com can provide the contact details of the warranty service provider as well as the product’s work order number so that customers can follow up with the warranty service provider directly and submit their requests if any.

* The Pickup and Delivery Service is not considered as a repair procedure and not counted within the repair period.

** Usage value and depreciation are calculated at 5% for each month that passes from the date of purchase given that their value does not exceed 80% of the product’s value.

Warranty Providers:

  1. The product’s warranty is provided by the manufacturer or their authorized service provider and it is subjected to the warranty policies of the manufacturer, which can be found on the user manual or the official website of the manufacturer. To request for warranty services, customer must contact manufacturers or their authorized service center directly as per the rules and regulations.
  2. Warranty services provided by the authorized service center are not the responsibility of Londonella. This includes spare part availability, repair period and/or quality of repair. The customer is to contact the warranty service provider directly in case of complaints or any other concern.
  3. Londonella provides its own warranty on some products in order to ensure the highest quality of service. Customers can contact us for more information.

The warranty shall only apply to products purchased within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (the "Territory"). Replacement and repaired products or parts will only be shipped to addresses within the Territory, and refunds shall only be credited to accounts located within the Territory.

In case the customer rejects to receive the product after processing the warranty claim, the product will be stored in Londonella’s warehouse for a maximum period of thirty (30) calendar days after which the customer will not be eligible to request for a return of the product.

Note: Please always keep the product’s original box to claim warranty.